Tuesday, May 11, 2021

blogging again

in november, i deleted most of my internet presence, including this blog, but i maintained email correspondence, more or less, with people i had been emailing prior to deleting everything. on may 2nd, i returned to twitter in a transparently book-promotional way, for my new book, everything is totally fine.

between december and may, several people had reached out to me to ask me to send them some content that was on this blog, specifically the 'how to make a book' post and the 'limp bizkit' post. i decided to just reopen the blog, and then thought about writing more blog posts again. i enjoyed writing blog posts and felt good when people told me they liked my blog posts.

i'm trying to be better at being on the internet. i've been spending less time on twitter than i used to. unsure what i'll blog about but i might start with writing book reviews again.

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